How do I sell on social media?!

you don’t need to launch to crickets. you don’t need to break out into a sweat when you post your new offer. you can book out, without the freak out. no burnout.

What you DO need

is the trust of your audience.

An influencer is “marketing term: a person or group that has the ability to influence the behavior or opinions of others” according to Cambridge English Dictionary.

YOU ARE AN INFLUENCER. You are using a social media platform to sell your services, products, business, personality — you. When people sign with you, they sign with your energy and unique gifts. They are signing with you because they felt a connection. You truly see them, feel them, and on some level ARE them.

To become magnetic and sell with ease, you need to gain trust by creating authentic CONNECTION with your audience by sharing your personal backstory & life experiences.

I grew up in a cult environment. Everything was limitations. Because I was a girl I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans or pants (they were evil). The first time I put on jeans at 16 I cried. Growing up like this taught me WE ARE LIMITLESS. The limits we place on ourselves, or allow to be placed on us, are fictional.

You can be a millionaire, get on Dancing with the Stars, marry a rockstar. All of it. YOU CAN DO.

Today, I help introverted coaches sign their next $10k+ soulmate client.

I’m here to say: Your story is GOLD. Literally, gold. Sharing your personal experiences in a way that positions you as an influencer & an authority is KEY to success. All the big folks are doing it, for a reason; because when people understand WHY you do your business, HOW you get there, and WHAT gets your soul horny, they want to buy from you. Sound good? I have an offer for you:

I’ve created a resource on the 5 Stories That Sell, that you should be sharing on social media to authentically connect with your audience while showing them you’re an expert and a leader.

It’s an excerpt from my course, Brand Your Magic, and intensely powerful. These strategies helped me bring in clients, booked out programs, quit my j.o.b., build 2 successful businesses — you get the point. ;)

Your storytelling is the key to attraction marketing.

You ready to book out & stand out?

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