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Build Your Capsule Wardrobe 1:1 with me!

Work together, 1:1, in a super customized, private and luxurious virtual setting. We’ll create the capsule wardrobe that suits you here & now, break through the overwhelm of having “so much stuff”, and clear space for your head, heart and business.

Famous and successful people like Steve Jobs had simple wardrobes to cut down on decisions they had to make daily. Save all your brainpower for your business and family!

We’ll go through Closet CleanOut together, how to choose colors for the different seasons, what you actually need and don’t, and style the items in your wardrobe in new & exciting ways. (Why go shopping when you can #ShopYourOwnCloset!)

What’s included:

>>Four (4) 1:1 sessions to transform your wardrobe into an easy, fun, stylish, cohesive system over the course of a month.

>>Customized Style Reports & shopping support,

>>Messenger support for all your daily style & shopping needs,

>>plus get access to my ground-breaking course, Build Your Boho Capsule Wardrobe.

Creating a capsule wardrobe will save you thousands a year in time, stressful and disappointing shopping experiences, decrease your impact on the planet and give you time to spend on your business and with your family.

Investment: $999, or $399/mo for 3 months.

What past clients have to say about working with me…

Rosemary, entrepreneur and badass mom

My closet had become super overwhelming, which is why I asked Monica for help! If you are wanting to build a capsule wardrobe and you love the bohemian have to check out Monica!

From Tiffany, singer

Since becoming one of your clients my closet has NEVER AGAIN gone back to clutter and I've regained a lot of my confidence in the clothes I wear and how I wear the. So thank you for pursuing YOUR dream and making my life so much better for being in it! 

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More client love:

from Kiersten, dressmaker + client

Monica, thank you so much for taking time to call me and help me through my Closet CleanOut! You just made the whole process a gazillian (is that even a word?) times easier! If anyone else is riding the struggle bus cleaning out their closet definitely ask Monica for help! She is a total angel and made my life so much easier. Much love for you, chica!

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2hr Closet CleanOut Intensive

If you're looking for a more casual, one-time option, we can work together in a 2hr intensive Closet CleanOut session to help you conquer the closet clutter and get clear on what's aligned with your personal style and what's not.

You'll receive:

  • 2hrs of intensive Closet CleanOut support and guidance,

  • clarity on WHAT you need, HOW many you need,

  • what the gaps are in your wardrobe,

  • strategies on how to possibly make money back on what you longer want to wear (!!!)

  • and customized online shopping list & Style Report based on what you may be missing from your closet post-CleanOut.

Investment: $497

Closet CleanOut testimonial:

Joce, adventurer + dogmom

This Closet CleanOut and picking my colors and clarifying my style words is really fun.  It’s opening up even more simplicity, time-saving, authentic expression, and confidence for me so it’s awesome…a bit of extra effort but to ultimately make things easier and simpler, and like that Monica’s positive energy and consciousness about ethical choices adds fun, encouragement, and extra “permission” to the process…even maybe a tiny bit of accountability which is motivating.

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60min Style & Color Strategy Session

This is a soul-to-soul session of 60min to unlock and uncover your unique style and the colors best suited to you, your skintone, and brand!

Style & Color Strategy Sessions are great for the boss babe looking to gain massive clarity on her colors, branding, social media presence and how her wardrobe plays a part in her online image!

>>these session include:

  • what you already own, and how to use it in your LIVE videos;

  • what colors are best suited to your skintone, eye color, hair etc,

  • how to incorporate your brand colors into your wardrobe,

  • and a customized Style Report to follow up!

Investment: $197/per session.

Let’s make magic together!

any questions? email or book a complimentary call to discuss which service is the best fit for you!