How to Sell More on Social Media: 5 Ideas

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Are you wasting your social media presence?

Is your content strategy REALLY selling to its fullest potential?

Probably not.

Let me explain.

Social media, regardless of which platform and what exactly you’re selling, is set up to optimize STORY-TELLING & personal pictures of your cat, dog, or baby. Ever wonder how those annoying fail compilations and cat videos go viral, while your soul-moving meditation sits stubbornly at 57 views? Or why your badass business post has no shares?

pin that, baby!

pin that, baby!

Ever wonder how those annoying fail compilations and cat videos go viral, while your soul-moving meditation sits stubbornly at 57 views?

And if you think because you’re making 5 or 6 figures a year online that means your social media strategy couldn’t use a facelift -- you’re wrong. Especially if you never show your face, go “makeup free”, or always put up a professional front.

Social media was created for inter-personal content created for networking and sharing. In other words, algorithms across the board support content that is raw, sharing a real story, something that most of us humans go through but may not be comfortable talking about.

You may be pushing the very sales you desire away because you’re not relaxing and having fun every once a while.

Yes, there is a place for curated content (like your Instagram grid.) Yes, there is a place for professionalism.

But how about being a human?

Do your audience -- those folks who are your potential customers-- actually KNOW who you are?

Why you created this brand?

That you like dirty chai lattes?

How to Become an Influencer on social media

People hire other people. People don’t want to go to a robot to help them with their complicated, frustrating, dramatic problems -- they want to talk to other people. (ever see those tax or banking ads where all they advertise is that their services are rendered by other humans? Yeah, it’s a really big deal)

“Ok Monica, I get it! So where do I share the nitty gritty real life shit?”

So glad you asked!

Instagram & Facebook stories are a great place to show up make-up free, tousle-haired, to share your behind the scenes. Pithy real-life shares on Twitter. Go LIVE on Facebook, even if you don’t feel ready, to share that burning message. Basically: share the real you.

“But Monica, what do I share? What’s just overkill and cringy?”

If you’re afraid of over-sharing, look no further. I’ve put together a cheatsheet of the 5 stories that sell: if you’re not using these stories, you’re not using social media to its fullest potential.

These 5 stories are prompts for you to dive into,

Delve into what makes you tick,

And share that with your audience so that they can TRUST YOU

And become clients & customers.

Sounds good, huh?

Get the 5 Stories that Sell here.

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I’m looking forward to reading your emails saying “OMG I SOLD SO MUCH SHIT BECAUSE OF THIS POST I WROTE BASED ON THE 5 STORIES THAT SELL!”