You’re at 6 figures. NOW WHAT? Why is everything so much w o r k?

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Are you feeling trapped in your own biz?

Taking the clients,

making the calls, the networking, the projects, the summits, making the freebies, building the empire, the freebies, the team…

Yes, you’re making the money, but your schedule is packed.

The quantum leaps to making 6 figure MONTHS seems impossible. You started your business because you had a spark, a SOUL FIRE, for your purpose and passion.

But the spark & the inspiration is gone. You are multipassionate and every day you get a new idea for a workshop, a community, a blog, a boutique — but you literally don’t have time for anything else.

it’s all grind. All hustle, no flow. Maybe it’s time to go back to the j.o.b.? At least then you had weekends off!

Here’s the truth. You’re struggling to get the next level because you’re disconnected with your intuition, your community, and your own story.

I don’t care how many thousands of people follow you.

They KNOW what you DO — but do they know who YOU ARE? What’s your favorite food, what would you ALWAYS wanna do on a Saturday morning, how did you get that scar on your right knee?

Why can’t you seem to crack the code on being a high-powered online coach AND someone who enjoys life?

You need to raise your rates.

Take less clients, make more money.

Make time for your other passions. The side projects you want to accomplish. To take a vacation with the family, enjoy the holidays, actually see the kids.

Maybe even have time for lunch & a shower!

The average millionaire as 7 streams of income. To make more money by working less, you need multiple streams of income.

And to sell those multiple products & services effectively (and without coming off as sleasy) you need to have an authentic personal brand.

Your audience, potential clients, and current clients want to know what your favorite food is, where your pet came from, WHY you do what you do, and what all your backstory is.

Finding your voice,

speaking your authentic story,

creating multiple streams of income,

a business strategy that leaves you time for REAL LIFE (and no room for burnout)

is what your business is missing.

I run two successful businesses (as a business coach and a personal stylist), have been in this online business space for 4 years, and have effectively scaled + created a personal brand that allows me to do create multiple offers that sell.

Who am I?

I’m a cult survivor with a chronic illness (PCOS, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), love horses, bellbottoms, am always down for salmon sushi & vintage tv shows.

I grew up in an environment that didn’t allow us to watch tv, say certain things, questions anything, with a very strict dress code (I wore jeans for the first time when I was 16, fighting down the fear that was going to be shunned and taken by Satan forever.) This taught me courage.

My family adopted many children from all over the world — China, Lithuania, Guatemala to name a few and this taught me about the radical difference in each humans’ life experience.

When I decided to create a sucessful online business that will empower me to quit my j.o.b. I gave myself 3 months to do it. I did it in 2 months and 11 days.

I am a powerful catalyst for connection. When you work with me, expect to be more connected to your intuition, your abundance, your business & clients like never before.

You are worthy of a booked-out program, 6 months, 12 months in advance.

You can follow your creativity & produce new products and services while still maintaining (and increasing!) your abundance.

Yup you can charge 10k, 20k packages & book them out easily.

Less hustle. More flow. Less work. More life.

I have 3 private coaching spots available, and one of those is yours.

It’s a 4 month relationship, weekly calls, unlimited messenger support, and unbounded opportunities.

The investment is $10,000 paid in full, or $2,500/mo for 4 months. I don’t charge interest for a payment plan, however, if you pay in full you receive two more free months of mentorship making it a 6 month relationship.

Book a call with me. We are meant to be together.