About Monica


You can sign your next soulmate $10k+ client with ease.


Do you want to sign your next high ticket client, AND be able to repeat that effortlessly?

I was a blogger at 13, and a Personal Stylist in college. (I have a Bachelor of Arts in History). Online business came into my life in 2014, when I started with health coaching. #ItsALongStory

in 2018, I discovered my superpower: as the Confidence Creatrix, I’m really fucking good at helping coaches make more money.


I grew up in a cult environment (we weren’t allowed to wear pants, watch Harry Potter, read certain books, watch tv, and most of the world was of Satan), where to speak up & be different was the be shunned.

This taught me that the limitations we place on ourselves are fictional.

You are limitless.

You can sign $10k+ packages on the phone, and work with people who not only get the results you promised but also become friends.

You don’t need to slave for months & years until you’re “worthy” of charging high ticket.

You have enough testimonials now. You have the skills now. You are over-qualified.

All you need is the strategy to book out your high-ticket coaching, without all the stress & burnout. Get ideal prospects sliding into your DMs, asking how they can work with you.

hi, my name’s Monica. I love mountains, matcha lattes and my husband Doug. I help introverted coaches sign their next $10k+ soulmate client, with strategy that’s replicable and scaleable {so you can do it again and again, with ease.}

Find out how we can sign your next $10k+ client together!