About Monica


the average millionaire has 7 streams of income…

how many do you have?


When I was 11 I had a BIG dream: I wanted to be a “closet consultant”. This was the first sign of my entrepreneurial spirit.

I was a blogger at 13, and a Personal Stylist in college. (I have a Bachelor of Arts in History). Online business came into my life in 2014, when I started with health coaching. #ItsALongStory

But I always had “the itch”: I love creating money, networking, and the systems of a successful business.


I grew up in a cult environment (we weren’t allowed to wear pants, watch Harry Potter, read certain books, watch tv, and most of the world was of Satan), where to speak up & be different was the be shunned.

No matter what your background, your health issues, your disadvantages, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR REALITY.


So if you’re stuck in the grind, all hustle, no flow, and are going from client to client making 6 figures but not living life…

it’s time to create a personal brand that’s authentic, real, and connecting that allows you to launch multiple streams of income so you can work less, earn more, and live the life you WANTED to create when you started this entrepreneurial journey to begin with — without the overwork and the burnout!

I help 6 figure coaches create a rock solid, authentic personal brand that allows them to create multiple streams of income so they can work less, live more — without the burnout.

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